annatheidiot: "Post more soon, I'm in love with this blog o_o"

We’re on it! Sorry for the lack of updates


The police in Ferguson are spraying tear gas and arresting peaceful protesters and reporters (2 reporters so far). Christina Coleman is an NBC Channel 5 news anchor from St. Louis…Son.

I know this has nothing to do with my blog and what I post but this needs to be seen by everybody.

my dad doesnt know how tumblr works and is amazed by my blogs 

say hi to my dad everyone!! 

Anonymous: "If you don't mind, what font do you guys use for your gifs? And I know there's multiple people, how is it that all the gifs look like they're made by one person?"

we just share psds and fonts and stuff with each other :) 

Anonymous: "Hi, which episode is /post/87520875744 from?"

s2 ep20 :)

msundefinedperfection: "So assist from my fellow girls please! I've gotten really into this guy i've met on fb and things are starting to get a bit intense. .. we have now started sorta sexting and confessed our feels 4 each other. Should I send him a pic or Skype him?"

hello this is vanessa (owner of blog) im not like professional in girl talk but i am a girl so i think you should just skype him so you can talk to him and stuff but thats what i think!!!

if you dont mind, if you can GIRLS reply to this and give your advice?? 

Anonymous: "how do you know that chris and carly broke up? :("

i read it an article :\ and they dont tweet each other anymore or talk about each other like they used to